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Amer, a 27-year-old man from Ukraine. He is looking for a fulltime logistic job from 9 to 5. 

In March 2022, Amer and his family fled the war in Ukraine to the Netherlands. They lived in Roosendaal and moved to Vlaardingen several months ago. Amer studied in Ukraine as a basic doctor and radiologist. Because of  the fact that he doesn't speak the Dutch language, he can't work here (yet). Also, his degree still needs to be valued.

Amer's journey began at Chakov University, where he dedicated himself to his studies as a Basic Physician and Radiologist. The long hours of tireless research and the deep dives into medical literature shaped him into the competent professional he is today.

Although his passion is in practicing medicine, fate has taken him elsewhere. Despite not yet being able to practice his profession in his new homeland, Amer refuses to sit by. He embraces every opportunity that presents itself, every job that brings him satisfaction and allows him to utilize his skills.

If you meet Amer, you will find that he never sits still. His days are filled with activities that challenge and inspire him. Whether it is exploring new hobbies, supporting his community, or striving for personal growth: Amer always dedicates himself one hundred percent.

But above all, Amer is a man of integrity and determination. He not only promises to do his best, but he delivers. His determination is a beacon of hope and inspiration for those lucky enough to know him.