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Working as nautical office employee @ CTC

As of November 2023, Oleksandr started working as a nautical office employee at CTC. Oleksandr, originally from Ukraine, was looking for a job that matched his maritime skills but was on shore rather than offshore. Our career coach Paula quickly thought of CTC, where she had recently spoke with Bob Hortulanus. At that moment Bob was looking for someone exactly like Oleksandr to join there team. And so it happened! Now, two months later, we checked in with both Oleksandr and Bob and his team, to see how their co-operation is getting along.

“Since working at CTC, I got additional experience and knowledge about the supply industry,” Oleksandr said when we asked him about what it was like to start at CTC. “Working at CTC gave me the possibility to use my professional skills and knowledge connected with my previous experience in the maritime industry, and learn a whole load more.” Also Bob is very satisfied about Oleksandr’s performance since he started at CTC, “His nautical background really contributed to his smooth integration at the company. “

Of course, there have also been some challenges. Bob and his team mainly noticed this in the language barrier there was at the beginning because Oleksandr’s Dutch is still what limited. This was however quickly solved by changing software language settings to English. Oleksandr has noticed a challenge that does not particularly have to do with his integration, but with the job itself. He sometimes encounters a challenge when CTC’s clients need items that are not in stock but are extremely important to them. However, also this is quickly resolved, “Fortunately, I have very good colleagues with the big experience and they are ready to help any time to solve the case.” These kind of challenges also make Oleksandr realise that doing his job right is quite important for the clients, which definitely motivates him!

When we asked Oleksandr more about his colleagues, he mentioned really enjoying working with his team at CTC, “I am feeling as well integrated into the team and company culture. Everyone is very friendly and there is a positive atmosphere in our company.” Thus, the thing that he enjoys most about working at CTC is the teamwork, “Achieving goals together and celebrating success together is definitely the most satisfying part of this job.”

Overall, both Oleksandr and Bob are very satisfied with their match. Bob has already recommended Port of Opportunities, and the general notion of hiring newcomers to other maritime companies. Oleksandr has also expressed his gratitude and mentioned how much working at CTC has positively influenced his personal and professional and integration in the Netherlands.