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Exceeding expectations in handling maritime liability claims @ Dutch P&I

We’re very excited to inform you that we made a second successful match between one of our candidates and Dutch P&I. Allen works as a Correspondent at Dutch P&I since June 2023. A job in which he exceeds expectations and where Allen is a role model for young employees thanks to his English language proficiency. You can read all about Allen’s job experience in the following showcase!

Allen’s integration at Dutch P&I

Allen is a senior professional with over 17 years’ experience in the shipping industry. During the first months of his new occupation, Allen’s main challenge wasn’t his lack of knowledge but more shaking off the rust and remembering old skills. “There are nuanced differences between my previous roles and that of a correspondent,” Allen explains. A development process in which Dutch P&I has been very supportive.

What Allen likes the most from his job as a Correspondent so far? “I particularly enjoy investigating incidents. Why a particular incident occurred. Where the liability lies. And investigating which strategy and solutions are suitable to best protect the position of our clients. Working in a global industry, you never know what you will encounter during the day. There’s always something new to learn.” Moreover, working at Dutch P&I has really helped Allen integrate into the Dutch culture. “My colleagues especially have helped me understand and experience Dutch culture! A few weeks ago, for example, I took part in my first herring party which was highly enjoyable. And I particularly love the emphasis on work live balance here at Dutch P&I.”

Exceeding expectations

According to Allen’s employer, Nils: “Humble as Allen is, he was a bit unsure whether the work would match his experience. However, Allen has proven to be an invaluable asset to the Dutch P&I team, and his performance has greatly surpassed initial estimations, earning him high praise for his contributions and language skills. And because of Allen’s experience in his former job at a well-known P&I Club in England, he fits seamlessly into the team and he knows exactly how things are going in our market. It has now become apparent that Port of Opportunities has found the perfect match for us twice and we can safely say that Port of Opportunities has exceeded our wildest expectations”.

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