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Working with orders and packaging @ Euro Products Marine

Yurii, born in Ukraine, came to the Netherlands in 2022 looking for a new challenge where he can use his knowledge, experience and skills. By meeting Port of Opportunities, Yurii found what he has been looking for. After getting recommendations and having some interviews, Yurii has been able to apply for a job that will challenge him and help him develop his skillset.

Using and improving skills
Yurii has been working for Euro Products Marine since September 2023 and has found a function that he can excel at. While previously being a private entrepreneur and a logistician in Ukraine, it came to no surprise that his specialties are being able to work very hard and thoroughly. Frank, his supervisor, tells us that he easily understands what tasks needs to be done and his colleagues can easily have a laugh with him, thanks to his charm. “Because of this, he has been promoted from an order picker to also help with the packaging process. Yurii is a hard worker and ever since the first meeting we had, I already had big expectations of him. I’m very happy that Port of Opportunities recommended him to us so that he is able to work with us.” 

Yurii's experience at Euro Product Marine
“Currently I work for Euro Products Marine, an industrial company supplying inland and abroad ship suppliers. At first, I was an order picker, but now I am involved in the packaging process. I enjoy my job a lot and really have had plenty of positive experiences," Yurii tells us when we ask him to describe his job in his own words. Then, when we ask Yurii specifically about his integration at Euro Products , he says: "The company has welcomed me with open arms and helped me in a good way with getting accustomed to the job. My colleagues provide their support wherever they can and I truly think of them as a great team to work with. The management team of the company is also very loyal to their employees, always prioritizing the company culture." 

Of course, we understand that there might have been some challenges that may come from the language barrier between Yurii and his colleagues. However, when we ask Yurii about this, he mentions he does not regard it as a huge difficulty: "My team is very helpful, and they support me a lot with learning the Dutch language!"

At the end of our check-in with Yurii, he expresses his gratitude: "I’m very grateful for PofO for helping me find the job that I was looking for and Euro Product Marine for providing me with the support that has been given, which made me like my job a lot!"