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Working as QSHE Controller @ VT group

Since July 2023, Yevhen has been working at the VT Group Rotterdam as a QSHE Controller - which stands for Quality, Service, Health and Environment Controller. Yevhen, originally from Ukraine, came to Port of Opportunities and the end of June and we are happy and proud to have been able to make sure he has found a fitting job so quickly at the VT Group. In september 2023, two months after the succesful match, we decided to check in with Yevhen and his manager Remy.

Learning and developing together
"Yevhen has been extremely eager and motivated to learn since the moment he set foot in our office as part of the QSHE team," manager Remy stated when we asked him about his first impression of Yevhen. Even though Yevhen did not yet have any experience in tanker shipping, he was quick to adapt and acquired the required knowledge after a few trips to the VT Group's projects. Yevhen commented on his learning process and happily explained: "For the first months at the company, I visited number of barges with my colleagues in order to gain not only theoretical, but also practical, knowledge." 

The VT Group has been able to create an informative and stimulating environment for Yevhen: "They have given me the opportunity to follow all necessary training and courses. For instance, just recently I successfully passed LNG bunkering course, and soon I will start my Dutch course that the company organised. And of course, colleagues from my team always support me and share their experience."

Yevhen feels fully integrated in his team: "I have met new people who support me, share insights with me that are not only related to work, but also to living in the Netherlands." Also Remy noted that Yevhen seems to feel at home at the company, something he is really glad about.

Both men have expressed that they are happy with the role of Port of Opportunities in the integration process of Yevhen at VT Group. Remy told us that Yevhen has exceeded his expectations, and he is very happy with him as an addition to the team. Assuming that Yevhen is representative of all other candiates of Port of Opportunities, he would definitely recommend other companies to consider hiring newcomers through PofO.

We want to thank Yevhen for his trust in us, and the VT Group for giving Yevhen a great opportunity and welcoming him with open arms.