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Ensuring safety @ Pasten B.V.

Mykyta, originally from Ukraine, started working at Pasten B.V. in May 2023. When Mykyta came into our office for the first time, we were quickly charmed by him and his desire for a job with which he could support his wife and three children. It quickly became clear from our conversations with him that he wasn’t scared to do hard work. His main conditions for finding the right job were a welcoming environment and a sufficient salary to support his family. We quickly thought of Pasten B.V. here in the same town as our office. Pasten specialises in building scaffoldings and is a warm and welcoming family business. The two were introduced to each other, and a match was quickly made! Now a few months later, we checked in with both Mykyta and his supervisors Gino and Gary at Pasten B.V. to ask about their experiences up till now.

Mykyta’s experience:

"My work at Pasten B.V. is a challenge, but a fun one" Mykyta shares. "The work is difficult but at the same time enjoyable, as it takes me to various projects where I witness breathtaking sights. What makes my journey even more special is the welcoming atmosphere - a place where everyone offers a friendly greeting and a warm cup of coffee.’”

Mykyta goes on to express his appreciation for the exceptional working conditions at Pasten BV. He praises the generous salary, the free work clothes, and the daily ritual of coffee treats from the bosses. There haven’t been any problems for Mykyta at work. Well, except for his first day maybe: “There was a case when I went to work on the first day, I forgot my work shoes,” Mykyta tells. He then laughs and adds: “They quickly found others for me. They were a different size, but my feet were safe!”

In Mykyta's eyes, the warm welcome from the team is a precious gift. He's touched by the support, the respect, and the knowledge-sharing that occur within the company. As a newcomer with no prior work experience and with language barriers, Mykyta is grateful for the opportunity Pasten B.V. has provided for him, and the guiding role Port of Opportunities has played in that process. “Right now, I am learning the language very quickly since I’m the only Ukrainian in the company and I ask everything that interests me and they always advise me something.” He believes that the conditions at Pasten B.V. and the people he works with are a testament to a work environment where he can learn and grow every day. Mykyta affirms, "Many thanks to both Pasten B.V. and PofO for their help which has made integrating into the country way easier.”

How do Gino and Gary Pasten feel about Mykyta?

Gino, Mykyta's supervisor, is delighted with Mykyta's enthusiasm and dedication. He emphasises that Mykyta's openness and eagerness to connect with the team have played an important role in his seamless integration into the company. He notes, "Mykyta's positivity and willingness to learn have been an inspiration to us all."

Gino acknowledges that language posed a significant challenge for Mykyta initially. However, the company took a systematic approach to address it. Starting with material knowledge, they gradually increased his language proficiency. Gary proudly shares, "Mykyta's dedication to learning the language and his colleagues' willingness to support him have resulted in a remarkable transformation."

Gary extends his heartfelt gratitude to Port of Opportunities and Max for making the onboarding experience at Pasten B.V. a pleasant one. He strongly recommends other companies to consider hiring newcomers, especially in a labour market with current shortages. Mykyta's rapid integration into the team, according to Gary, is a testament to the positive impact of such an approach. He asserts, "Mykyta has become an integral part of our team, and we are excited to see him thrive. Port of Opportunities played a vital role in bringing us together, and we're glad to see Mykyta happy and thriving." Pasten B.V. is not just a workplace; it's a place where a newcomer and a company come together to create a remarkable success story.