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Handling maritime liability claims @ Dutch P&I

We’re proud to announce that Muhammed has found a job as a P&I Correspondent at Dutch P&I since April 2023. A collaboration between Dutch P&I and Port of Opportunities that has been proven to be very successful!


It’s commonly known it can be quite the rollercoaster to find a proper job that fits your ambitions and interests. Especially when you have yet to establish your professional worth in a new and foreign country. After moving to the Netherlands, Muhammed earned his master's degree in Maritime and Transport Law at Erasmus University to develop himself. After he received his degree, Muhammed applied to jobs in the maritime (law) sector in order to pursue the same career as he once had in Turkey. Despite the fact that Muhammed already had 6 years of working experience, it was difficult to find a suitable job.

We asked Muhammed how he experienced his PofO adventure:

“Partnering with Port of Opportunities in this job process was a tremendous opportunity for me, because when we first met, I stated to Max (founder) what kind of job I wanted to work at. He guided me very well and thanks to the good contacts he had, he enabled me to meet with Dutch P&I.

I find my work as a P&I Correspondent to be both incredibly exciting and educational. Providing the best service to partners as a claims handler, offers a very interactive and constant learning process. The best part is learning about a new marine or maritime law-related event. Despite the fact that I have only just started down this road, I feel confident about it because of my teammates’ amazing guidance and encouragement. Since I’ve started my job on April the 3rd 2023, I feel like I've been working here for a very long time. My co-workers and director have supported me in every way since the beginning, helping me to adjust to the company and in my new role. Which made the adaptation process much easier.

Working for a Dutch company is a fantastic opportunity to learn about Dutch business and culture. It has allowed me to get to know the nation and its people better. I believe that Dutch people have a very organized and determined company culture. When they have something to do, they work very hard and selflessly. But when it comes to having fun, they are true experts!"

How did Nils Heijboer (Claims Director) experience this collaboration with PofO?

“Dutch P&I is a driving force behind shipping. For 30 years we are the platform in marine liability. As a P&I Correspondent Muhammed handles claims as a claims consultant and mediator. His dedication to succeed with the assistance of his impressive background should provide him a great career in the maritime claims industry. Seeing the character of Muhammed, we are confident that he’s a great asset to our team.

Muhammed made a very good impression from his very first interview with us. It is such a joy to see an ambitious young man working on his career, knowledge and professional skills. He very much meets up with our expectations and we can only hope that his ambition will continue to be challenged within Dutch P&I. Furthermore, Muhammed is putting great efforts in understanding and speaking the Dutch language by taking Dutch lessons three times per week!

Similar to other companies in the Netherlands, we have a flexible working plan at Dutch P&I. Getting familiar with a company is quite the challenge for most new employees. That’s why we made agreements within our team about working from home, so Muhammed could be properly supervised and trained. That required some necessary preparations but works out very well. The output is definitely worth it, since finding young ambitious talents in our industry is a difficult task. Because we are working in an international industry as a maritime knowledge centre, we thought there could be a perfect fit between Dutch P&I and Port of Opportunities.

Through our own vast network of partners such as maritime lawyers and maritime surveyors we co-incidentally ran into Port of Opportunities. I would certainly recommend other maritime companies to approach Port of Opportunities. The Cost/Quality ratio of Port of Opportunities has proven to be very successful and although you would be inclined to keep such an asset to yourself, I must simply recommend others to approach Port of Opportunities as they will greatly assist our industry in the Netherlands to improve and develop our quality standards with bright new minds. Port of Opportunities is a great help to find a perfect match between an employer and a new citizen.”

How about Team Port of Opportunities?

"Our goal is to help as many people as possible with finding their dreamjob. 

When we first talked to Muhammed we immediately noticed that this was a young and ambitious man, who really wanted to pursue a career in the field of maritime law. During our first conversation, he told us that he already found a job after finishing his master maritime law at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Of course it was great that Muhammed was able to find a job himself, but it wasn't really what he dreamed of neither was it a job where he could use his talents. Muhammed’s excitement about a job in the field of maritime law was really noticable, so we immediately started our search. After some talk with Nils from Dutch P&I it was clear: They were more than happy to talk to Muhammed about a possible job opportunity. They met each other and they both enjoyed the conversation. After that, a great match was made!

Nils & Muhammed, thank you both for your trust in us. We are very pleased to have been able to introduce you to each other. Together for your future."


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