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Planning the road transport @ Rhenus Logistics

I am Tamara and I come from Ukraine. I fled from danger in my country. In March 2022, I arrived in the Netherlands and settled in Rotterdam and since then I meet kind people everyday. Rotterdam impressed with its diversity, modern architecture, scenic spots, canals and a world-class port. I thought about its size, the composition of the cargo traffic and the throughput of the port. I mentally imagined that I could work in this giant supply chain. I thought about how I could be useful to the country, which gave me temporary protection and everything necessary for life.

From that moment I started learning languages. I paid more attention to English, because I studied it at school, but did not speak it fluently. And besides that I occasionally listened to the Dutch language. In this way, purposefully, in small steps, I approached my dream.


The turning point in the job search in the Netherlands was the meeting with the Port of Opportunities team at the Ukrainian House in Rotterdam. Acquaintance with Ivanna and Max gave me a chance to believe that my dream could come true. At that time, I already spoke better English and understood Dutch. Plus 17 years of experience in logistics - all this brought me one step closer to my dream.


The Port of Opportunities team became mentors and friends. First, they gave recommendations on how to properly make a resume. Then they conducted an interview, found out my abilities, found out my professional strengths and gave recommendations. Then I had a second interview with Paula.  Paula helped me to believe in myself more and gave a lot of tips for in a real job interview. All this time, the Port of Opportunities team supported and helped me. This is a team of professionals focused on results. They negotiated with employers, looked for vacancies for me, and gave me moral support while preparing for the interview. It's so exciting (and also a bit scary) to be interviewed in a non-native language.

I was very happy when Max from Port of Opportunities announced before the New Year that Rhenus Logistics wanted to offer me a job. I emotionally lived the moment when another of my dreams came true. And in January 2023, I began working as a road planner at Rhenus. The dream has become a reality! I am very grateful to the close-knit and professional team of Port of Opportunities for their work! And also for the opportunities that they open for Ukrainians in the Netherlands!


I wish all Ukrainians to find the desired job. Learn foreign languages (especially Dutch and English), believe in yourself, try, take risks and you will also be able to find your job. Believe me. Tamara