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Creating the city of the future @ Gemeente Rotterdam

My name is Zanyar Mohammadi and I`m a civil engineer from Iran. I`m working for the Gemeente Rotterdam since September 2022.

Gemeente Rotterdam is a big organization and I was connected to this organization via Be an Engineer program. With this program I work four days for the Gemeente and I do 1 day study at Hogeschool Rotterdam to get a degree here in the Netherlands.

At this moment I work with VLG (Veldonderzoek Laboratorium en Geodata) team on the project Rijnhaven. I am also a part of a team which is updating all the lab tests based on the NEN standard.

Every week I have at least four meetings with colleagues to work on the projects and to learn how things work inside the Gemeente and how to progress my skills as an engineer. I`ve been learning how to work with different softwares and how to do the tests on the samples in the lab with NEN Standard.

In every step at this program I’ve been guided properly and sufficiently via my contact persons within Port of Opportunities. Port of Opportunities is responsible for my contract and school. Everything is easier with this company; they basically arranged everything from the start. They took care of my contract and patiently answered all my questions. The salary payment and travel expenses are always easy and on time. They also pay for my study at Hogeschool Rotterdam and they are always available for any questions, personal or work related doesn't matter.