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Warehouse Operator


As Bulk Operator you will be working in a tank and container terminal and you will mainly be involved in loading and unloading the tankers and containers. 

What exactly will you be doing?

The tank and container terminal acts as a logistics hub for various oil companies. Oil is brought to the tank storage facility in large batches, stored and then distributed in small quantities to various locations in Western Europe.

Your role is to load and unload the tankers and containers correctly. Planning informs you which tanker truck needs to be loaded and with which products. You drive a tractor or terminal tractor in the field to pick up the trailers to be loaded. Some tankers carry as many as nine different products at the same time. Your job is to load these different types of oil correctly, so that the Driver can then start his trip with the right types in the right compartment. It is important that you are accurate and work according to the specified procedures and instructions to ensure quality and safety.

As a warehouse operator you are/must:

  • independent, but you can also work well together. Our department consists of a close-knit team. Everyone performs their work individually, but in consultation with each other to ensure all work is well coordinated;
  • enthusiastic and open to innovations. We like to look ahead and have a fresh outlook;
  • communicative and sociable. You work with various people, both externally and internally. To guarantee high quality, good communication is a must;
  • stress resistant and accurate. The work consists of peak moments, when it can be extra busy. You must be able to handle this well. After all, the work pressure increases, but the work must be carried out carefully;
  • you must never compromise on quality, which is our top priority;
  • preferably work experience in a logistical or technical environment;
  • forklift and reach truck certificate (this is an advantage).

What can you expect from the employer?


  • a good salary in accordance with CAO Professional Goods Transport;
  • 22 days of paid leave/holidays, 3.5 ATV days and a personal choice budget, exchangeable for leave, a course or salary;
  • a challenging and varied job;
  • cosy get-togethers/afternoon drinks with colleagues;
  • a vitamin boost. Boxes of fresh fruit delivered every week;
  • and all this within a family business, where everything is neatly arranged for you!



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