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Speaks English, Hindi and Urdu

Production Engineer

Driver's license B

I am pleased to introduce Sneha, a highly motivated and talented candidate. Sneha has a clear vision for her career and possesses a strong academic background and professional experience in the maritime industry. She is available full-time and has her own transport.

Sneha has pursued her studies in Germany and Italy, demonstrating her commitment to international exposure and academic excellence. She hails from a family with two older sisters, making her the youngest of three. Her parents reside in India, while her sisters are based in Australia and the USA. This diverse family background has instilled in her a global perspective and adaptability.

Sneba is known for her determination and hard work. She is highly ambitious and dedicated to achieving her goals. Her curiosity and eagerness to learn make her an excellent fit for dynamic and challenging environments. Sneha values growth within a company and is open to opportunities that allow her to develop and advance her career.

Currently, Sneha is involved in offshore projects, where she has honed her skills and gained valuable experience. She is keen to leverage her expertise in a role as an Engineer within the maritime industry.

She is a well-rounded individual who enjoys spending time with friends and engaging in outdoor activities like hiking. She has a positive attitude and strong work ethic, which are reflected in her relationships with family and colleagues. Her family, particularly her parents and sisters, are immensely proud of her achievements. One of her sisters mentioned that Sneha could benefit from being more assertive and recognizing that saying "no" is sometimes necessary.