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Speaks Ukrainian, Russian, English and Dutch

Finance employee

Driver's license B

Kateryna is a highly motivated and competent candidate who can function well in a numerical and organisational role. A position as a customer service employee or an administrative position would suit her well. Her language skills could be further developed, but she masters Dutch (B1) at a level that allows her to communicate and understand well. She is available full-time immediately and her salary indication is negotiable. 

About Kateryna:

With a keen eye for detail and a strong aptitude for numbers, Kateryna is looking for a full-time position where she can put her skills to use. She has proven to be reliable and structured, and has excellent organisational skills. Her entrepreneurial spirit makes her a valuable asset to any team.

Kateryna is often described as a good manager with excellent organisational skills. She is structured and has a great passion for her work, especially when it comes to working with numbers. Her motivation and work ethic are undeniable, making her a very suitable candidate for positions that require a precise and detailed approach.

Kateryna is currently available immediately and has a market salary indication. Although language proficiency was seen as a barrier in previous applications, she has shown that she can communicate and understand well in Dutch, and is determined to develop these skills even further.

With a strong focus on numbers and a reliable work ethic, Kateryna is ready to make a valuable contribution to your organisation. We therefore warmly recommend her for a position within your company.

For more information or to schedule an introductory meeting with Kateryna, please contact us.