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Speaks English and Arabic

Chemical Analyst

Depending on public transport

Yaser is a quiet, bright young man and looking for a fulltime position. 

About Yaser
Yaser had always had a strong ambition to succeed in life. He grew up in a warm family in Yemen, surrounded by his four sisters and two brothers. His parents encouraged him to pursue his ambitions, so he sought opportunities outside his homeland to broaden his horizons.

After earning his bachelor's degree in chemical engineering in Kuala Lumpur, Yaser decided to continue his studies. He shifted his focus to Europe and chose IHE Delft Institute for his master's degree in sanitary engineering. He found it to be an excellent decision, as the university provided him with a dynamic environment with inspiring professors and an international community of students.

When Yaser completed his studies in Delft, he felt a mix of pride and longing. He was proud of his achievements, but it was also a time of reflection. His family was far away in Yemen, and he often missed them. But he had always dreamed of building a career in another country, where he could make a valuable contribution to society. Yaser began his professional journey in the Netherlands, where he initially had to adjust to the culture and work ethic. The balance between work and personal life was something new for him, but over time, he came to appreciate its benefits. He discovered the importance of taking time for himself alongside his demanding work.

Yaser continues to dream of a career where he can make a difference, both professionally and personally. He is determined to make his mark in the field of science and technology while maintaining a meaningful connection with his family in Yemen. With his determination and talent, Yaser is sure to succeed in finding the challenge he seeks. 

Yaser is available immediately.