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Speaks English, Ukrainian and Russian

Logistics coordinator

Driver's license B

21 year 'old' youngman with almost 2 years experience as a Logistics Coordinator.

This young man started working fulltime during his marketing studies. As a result, he already has almost 2 years of work experience while he’s just 21 years old. 

Some background information
 Oleksii started as a logistics coordinator without any experience. He found his way within his job pretty quickly. Logical thinking is mandatory in a role like logistics coordinator and this is a skill that Oleksii has mastered well. When Oleksii received an order for transport from Chicago to Texas, it's no use calling drivers who are in the Los Angeles area, for example. Another skill Oleksii has learned is negotiation. Usually, clients place orders with a fixed price for transport. So when Oleksii called a potential driver for cargo transport, he set the price a bit lower, with the intention to have some room for negotiation to keep margin for the company. Sounds quite simple, doesn’t it? Oleksii really liked his job. When the war started, the work was immediately done remotely. So he started missing the dynamics of working in an office with other people.

Looking forward

Oleksii has no specific future plans. He just wants to have a nice job, be healthy and start a life here with his girlfriend. When we asked Oleksii what he looks for in a job, the following is hoped for:

  • dynamic tasks and environment;
  • being part of a team;
  • the ability to use his brain and, above all, to be able to use his capacity for logical thinking.

If you are looking for an energetic, young man who speaks very good English, we definitely recommend Oleksii. A job like planner, coordinator, expeditor will suit him very well.