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Speaks English, Russian and Ukrainian

Administratief medewerker

Driver's license B

Svitlana is a very interesting candidate with a diverse background and strong skills. Her work experience as an English teacher and her ability to connect with people make her a good candidate for positions involving communication and interaction with others, such as administration, recruiter, HR or office management. Her background in negotiation may also come in handy in these roles.

About Svitlana
Her journey began in 2016, when she was a young Ukrainian dreaming of new horizons. She left her country for the Netherlands to work as an au pair for a family with three energetic children. Her days were filled with laughter, hugs and the adventures of growing souls. In 2018, she decided to spread her wings further and traveled to Denmark. There, a family with twins welcomed her with open arms and worked as an au par again and lived here for 2 years. As she learned the Danish language, her love for teaching grew and she shared her passion for English. Her energetic personality and talent for connecting with others makes a choice for her next adventure. With her eye on the horizon and heart full of dreams, Svitlana sets course for new challenges. She has already gained considerable work experience in various positions. She is currently looking for a long-term job where she can further develop herself.

With her talent for languages, Svitlana is looking for a challenging full-time position where she can use and further develop her skills. She really enjoys maintaining contact with people and can do this very well. This indicates that she can negotiate well and enjoys being in front of a group. Her fluency in English allows her to express herself easily and communicate effectively, while she has also gained a good understanding of Dutch during her recent work experiences. She does not speak it yet, but is still learning.

Svitlana is fulltime available immediately.